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POETRY . . .
Jorge Boehringer Skip Fox
[to fall / the first fall]
[excuse me, you've probably seen]
instrumentation of the arbitrary
Matt Shears Arlene Ang
from where a road had been
     [someone that history forgot, that forgetting...]
     [completely, severally, properties stretched]
     [nothing could be emptied of]
     [what they were trying to do...]
     [did it linger its nation]
Mendel experiments
We stand the postal clerk
Tom Hibbard Julia Bloch
The Grave of Salvo Sey Dear Viktor Shklovsky
Erik Anderson Clinton Frakes
from The Opening of the Island 
     [Like many islands, the island has its own endemic…] 
     [Before I arrived somebody said, "no cyclamen on those shores,"…]
A Brief History of Summer
S. Jason Fraley Travis Macdonald

[The shipwreck is a lost art form.]

from The O Mission Repo
     Weave Plan

Teresa K. Miller

from Forever No Lo
     [In crime/ in encouraging the worst…]
     [He brings couverts/ a spiral…]
     [Would that you would introduce a mode…]

PROSE . . .
Paul Kavanagh 
Ramen Noodles 
Patrick Stuart 
All I Want You to Say 
Randall Brown 
Skip, Patch, Eye, Brownie, Chalk
ETC . . .
Contributors' Notes