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The Grave of Salvo Sey
Tom Hibbard


at 4:30 a.m. the phone rang
said your baby is dead
she died one snowy night
she died on those frozen streets
in a battle to keep on the road
they couldn't get her out of the car
those lies that she was drunk
she was the true love
as a soft summer day
that war came and took her
that war worlds away
all that killing without reason
she knew it wasn't right
no matter how hard you think about it
the ambulance drove her to the hospital
she was pronounced d.o.a.
i remember like it was yesterday
perhaps it was long ago
all i see are those signs
telling me she's gone
where she is in the grave
she won't stay in that grave
as the snow fell lightly
the snow fell on the grave
everything in the grave
digging digging the gravedigger
kept on digging
the malls in the grave
the cities in the grave
the planets in the grave
whose fault is it
it's your fault salvo sey
why'd you do that salvo sey
all that hate charging out
you came after her
you came after her with a knife
came after her in that barroom
down on junk food row
came after her on the street
of your pain-killers
your money-stuffed crown
on that gray november day
thanksgiving meal is served
a debt you had to pay
her eyes are closed now
she's on the other side of the door
and all the blood is dried
she's gone away
into the field of flowers
she's found her home
i know she'll be waiting
she's found her freedom
far away from you salvo sey
far away from you salvo sey


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