Cricket Online Review - Volume X, No. I
POETRY . . .
Darren C. Demaree
A Violent Sound in Almost Every Place #61
A Violent Sound in Almost Every Place #62
A Violent Sound in Almost Every Place #63
Laura Carter
from There Is No Wayward Palace
[First you cast poppy seeds on a grave of the dead.]
[How young women dye their hair blonde, because gentlemen prefer it.]
[How a young woman will turn; that's what verso is for.]
[On another side of the world, someone might call you a criminal for catching a wrong angle.]
[Rimbaud says that love needs re-inventing.]
Travis and JenMarie Macdonald
Broken Porcelain Rapport
Under the Science of Séances
Outta Bounds Behind the Scenes
The Buffalo Code Overrides Everything
Allons-y, Bébé

J. D. Nelson
stuck up in bird hair to sell matrix
too nuclear
The Sun with Feathers

Sheila Murphy
Pin Light
Natural Imposition
Simon Perchik
[As if the paint poured across]
[This rotted log yes and no]
[You reach for lullabies, left over]
[It's never dry —another gust]
[Though it gets dark earlier and earlier]

David Welper

Raymond Farr
Other Minus Other
Poems are Lovers' Hands
Poetry in the Age of Zero Grav
What is Burning is Elusive at Best
Up at Pop Culture City
Joan Payne Kincaid
The Next Atlantis
Made-up Words
Dolsy Smith
Anxious Song
Richard Kostelanetz
from Kosti's Ramón I/V
Christopher Mulrooney
twat the butler saw
J. D. Mitchell-Lumsden
clear magic in gardens of pleasure
sacred overkill
bereaving our mothers
our homes are flooded with blood
John M. Bennett
1, 2, 3
see the rest
mot hs
PROSE . . .
Zachary Scott Hamilton
You are a friend, sewing train
ETC . . .
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