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Adam Fieled
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Johannes Finke
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  Hardcore angel
  Recording, Melancholy
Dan Fisher
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Jenny Gillespie
  Personal Forest
Thomas Hibbard
Claudia Keelan
  Little Elegies (Vietnam) 
  Little Elegies (cummingsworth)
  Little Elegies (Self and Other)
David Krump
  The Nine Day Ricochet
  Backsling in the Hickories
Tom Leonard
  suite On the Page
Christopher Mulrooney
  Continental System
Rochelle Ratner
  Jealous Lover Program Creator Is Indicted
  California Inmate Seeks Release of Stuffed Dog
  Piggy Banks
Dennis Somera
  Earl Lee s. alvation jane=Paterson's curse s.v. Paterson;
  sweet ana lack to es
Stephanie Young

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Douglas Cole
Laura Davis
Mandy Kalish
  On the Fourth Pull
William Moor
  Four Robot Recognitions

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Jeremy James Thompson
  Joan Retallack, Memnoir
Sarah Trott
  Stephanie Young, Telling the Future Off
Sara Wintz
  Various, lunapark 0,10

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Douglas Cole has had over fifty poems and short stories
published in literary journals and small magazines, including The Connecticut River Review, Louisiana Literature, Cumberland Poetry Review, and Midwest Quarterly. You can  currently find his poems available for viewing on the Mandrake Poetry Review and City Writers Review websites. His work, The Open Ward, was awarded the Leslie Hunt Memorial Prize in Poetry. Douglas lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife and two sons, where he teaches writing and literature at Seattle Central College and also serves as advisor for the literary journal, Corridors.

Laura Joyce Davis lives in Oakland, California, where she is completing her MFA in Fiction at Mills College. She was the recipient of the first prize for the 2005 Ardella Mills Prize for Fiction, and was nominated for the 2006 Best New American Voices. She currently works as the Design Editor for 580 Split, and is the Head TA for the Mills College Place for Writers.

Adam Fieled is an American poet/musician based in Philly. He has work in Jacket, Rain Taxi, Many Mountains Moving, etc., has released three albums and established the blog-journals pfs post and stoning the devil. He runs the multi-media artists co-op philly free school and is finishing an MFA at New England College.

Johannes Finke is an author and publisher based in Stuttgart, Germany. He is author of 4 books of poetry and prose including 2004's critically acclaimed Ego Themenpark and is editor for the dynamic Stuttgart-based Lautsprecher Verlag, which has published many of the most original voices of recent German literature.

Dan Fisher's poems are forthcoming in Bay Area Poetics and Viz. He currently lives in the East Bay where he tries to get avian visitors to his bird feeder.

Jenny Gillespie lives in Chicago. She graduated from the University of Texas with her M.A. in Creative Writing, where she won the Keene Award for Poetry in 2004. She is also a singer/songwriter.

Thomas Hibbard has had reviews and poems published in many places off and online. Recently, he reviewed Cole Swensen's Goest in issue 8 of 'word/ for word'. He has a review in the current issue (28) of Jacket. Other publications where his work has appeared include Moria, Milk, earlier issues of Jacket, Goodfoot, AUGHT and Jack.

Mandy Kalish is working on a novel that will serve as her MFA Thesis in Creative Writing.  She has lived in New York, San Francisco, Australia, Las Vegas and currently freezes her butt off in Chicago.  Mandy has never injured anyone in a hunting accident and does not usually eat duck.

Mark Kanak is an author and translator based in Seattle. Recent work appears in Prague Literary Review, Circumference and others. His book croix noire is forthcoming from Horse Less Press; recent translations include Aquamarine by Austrian author Peter Pessl (upcoming 2006, Twisted Spoon) and Helicopter Hysteria by Heinrich Dubel. He is poetry editor for London-based Stimulus Respond.

Claudia Keelan's  is the author of four full-length collections, including Utopic (Alice James Books) which earned the 2000 Beatrice Hawley Award, & The Devotion Field (Alice James Books, 2004); Of & Among There Was a Locus(t) appeared as a limited small-press edition from Ahsahta Press (2003). She currently directs the Creative Writing Program at UNLV & edits Interim.

David Krump attends the Masters of Studies in Creative Writing at University of Oxford. His attempts at poetry have appeared or are forthcoming in Blue Fifth Review, Colorado Review, Cricket Online Review, DMQ Review and a goat's handful other publications. Also, he hath snuck off with several awards for poetry, including a winter writer's residency at Caldera, and publication of a chapbook Night is a Good Child, recipient of the 2005 Florence Kahn Memorial Award.

Tom Leonard was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1944. His collected poetry of 1965-2004 is available in two volumes, Intimate Voices and access to the silence from Etruscan Books, Devon. He teaches Creative Writing at Glasgow University.

William E. Moor's 's intense interests are lie in modes of transportation cars busses airplane boats places next to 'em or outside them and strategies. Strategico Logicicos. Busses airplanes boats 
Thisn to boat in 
                                                     This fish Stevie Wonder 

In his other time William is a wine seller. 

Remy, whats going on?

Christopher Mulrooney has contributed poems and translations to Clara Venus, Chiron Review, Segue, Burning Leaf, The Drunken Boat, and Voices Israel, criticism to Small Press Review and The Film Journal, and is the author of a book of poetry called notebook and sheaves (AmErica House, 2002).

Rochelle Ratner's books include two novels: Bobby's Girl (Coffee House Press, 1986) and The Lion's Share (Coffee House Press, 1991) and sixteen poetry books, including House and Home (Marsh Hawk Press, 2003) and Beggars at the Wall (Ikon, October 2005). An anthology she edited, Bearing Life: Women's Writings on Childlessness, was published in January 2000 by The Feminist Press. She lives in New York City, where she is Executive Editor of American Book Review and reviews regularly for Library Journal. More information and links to her writing on the Internet can be found on her homepage: www.rochelleratner.com.

denni s omera plays the text collector in the cuts/interstices taking the WOR D irection on the page, through performance, or collaboration. his play on the page can be found in the last couple CHAIN's, TINFISH #14 and upcoming POMPOM.

Stephanie Young lives and works in Oakland, near the lake. Also online on good days: www.stephanieyoung.org/blog, and in a book: Telling the Future Off (Tougher Disguises Press, 2005).

Wes Tilson, a 52- year-old school teacher of seventh grade language arts in Tampa, turned to Macromedia Flash to present information to students in a more interesting format. These cycling mandalas represent a synthesis combining animating techniques and realization of the cyclic nature of education and the learning experience.