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Stephanie Young


It must be true that things happen. Things

happen to you in a democracy

same as anywhere else

in the same democracy

you received ideas about doing one thing first

so you wouldn't slip into

doing another thing later.

One thing was ascendancy

not by accident first

you'd need to talk with yourself

straightforward as possible.

You have to hear a break from the social unit

made in your own voice.

Unless there is funding. Then there will be travel

and you'll be above things happening for a long while.

Otherwise be lean.

Perhaps your hair has gotten long

and I think you should

look like a wild horse.

You are rising above your mother-

why should your hair not be very long

and disengenuous?

Very poor at first, there will be no name

for the thing you do until later.

That thing you do, bright eyes

etc. they are going to love you

in the boardroom. This is how

I was told too late

to avoid middle management

a thing you might slip into

if you're not the logo,

you're the logo maker.

In the same vein of knowledge

was salt eating for unwanted pregnancy.

It must be true

things happen. Some things are

little babies, rental units, too tired to fuck

trying to walk on water

not to actually walk on the water

but just fast enough you don't go under.

Some things are happening everywhere

but the supply chain is inefficient

and medicine takes months

to reach the hinterland.

Having the kind of skin where

things come in but not back out.

Things on TV. Things on the wall.

Seeing things. Descending

a staircase in the hall of higher education

where is the will of excess time

now to play detective to? If I am caught

I must disengage myself. If I was not poor enough

then I must be so now. If I am another thing

what will not be surveyed

how will it not be

worked into a lather of originality, another thing

above things happening?

Jonah tread slime in the belly of a whale

and I must too. For if music from the workers

working on the rental unit

reaches our ears, everyone is mired

in the same things at once.

Everyone tossing everyone

overboard, on shaky ground, rhetorical, ourselves

not the minister but the minister's daughter.

Placing cakes around, moving through its layers,

moving up. Well if I did one thing

I'll do another.

For until one is commodified,

there is heroin, the champagne to draw back,

always incorporation.

Concerning all acts of innovation and celebrity

there is one elementary truffle

the ignition of which kills

countless idioms

and splendid plastic:

that the mondo one definitely

commodifies oneself,

then proliferation moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one

that would never have otherwise occurred.

A whole stream of executions

issues from the décolletage

raising in one's favela

all manner of unforeseen incoherence

and melancholy

and material assimilation,

which no one could have dreamed

would come their way.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, belay it!

Blindness has gender,

power point and magnets.

Belay it now.


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