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POETRY . . .
David H. Horton Sara Wintz
5 Poems from Found Material Given by Dan Godston [Insurers, reinsur I saw...]
[(July 20, letter correspondence]
Wildfires; California
Footsteps. Movement.
[(One light on in the top window]
Thierry Brunet Vernon Frazer


Delayed Deliverance Relayed

Chris Stroffolino Benjamin Perez

Condo Billboard Stand-Up Song Poem Helpmate Manifesto

massacre lite
Teresa K. Miller Stephen Ratcliffe
from in, Still, mooring from HUMAN / NATURE

  [Lead dust in the leaden drawers]

  [Set goal sets motion to motion]
  [A want wants that belies wanting]
  [Appearing in the man/time, the places]
PROSE . . .
Sheheryar Badar Sheikh Michael Frissore
-struck life The Jay Mohr Hater
Chris Allen Clark Paul Kavanagh
A Fight in the Bloody Angle While I Do Dishes Bliss
OTHER . . .
Amy Papaelias & Jaanika Peerna v.e.
from Sonotype Alibi
  [Character: W; Font: Amy; Style: Angry Voice]
  [Character: B; Font: Jaanika; Style: Angry Voice]
  [Character: H; Font: Amy; Style: Angry Voice]
  [Character: H; Font: Jaanika; Style: Angry Voice]
  [Character: Y; Font: Jaanika; Style: Normal Voice]
  [Character: I; Font: Amy; Style: Happy Voice]
  [Character: I; Font: Jaanika; Style: Happy Voice]
  [Character: I; Font: Amy; Style: Angry Voice]
Ira Joel Haber Dillon Westbrook
Collage 8 text_music
Collage 14
Collage 15a
Collage 23
Collage 24
Jacob Eichert/Chris Stroffolino
Interview with Chris Stroffolino,
August 06/January 07
REVIEW . . .
J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden Corey Johnson
Jackson Mac Low, Doings: Assorted Performance Pieces, 1955-2002 Russell Edson, The Rooster’s Wife
Jeffrey Schrader Chad Lietz
Stephen Ratcliffe, REAL Benjamin L. Perez, The Evil Queen: A Pornolexicology
ETC . . .
Contributors' Notes