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A reputation is at stake here
Ed Steck

Some notes: cashmere showroom is minced to a pulp, cellular structure is not a tree, trust realms, streets cleaned with motorized brush, virtual bank system loves equality, all disappeared state-sponsored terrorism cases will be theatrically released, credit provider offers support to the master race, a picture of a baby entering the dance floor at the holiday party, the network provider gave instructions to its employees as scheduled, not everything is falling apart, the waves look beautiful in the painting, and some other stuff.

Expiation: low-laying territory.

Language is absent in the open screen's space doubling: two functioning television screens flick a message against mirrored stairwells, quadrupling. The system is heavenly within a heaven-like system systematically heaving whiteness into the four bordering atmospheres of digital transmission.

Add objects to experience-frames.

Muddle up the atmosphere a bit.

Someone else's body is getting wet.

A scone crumbles in context.

Plastic-wrapped egg sandwich is delicious.

Comment on Life & Style: rehashed digital language is rehashed digital language.

A civilian follows an off-duty police officer into a construction site.

Denying allegations: real body felt on appendix and spine lists openly bare always.

Depression of all terminal-looking glass systems begs for an open sector: an unregulated, material-less entrance to a confrontation devoid of incoming horizons.



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