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From Narrator Air
Part of a Partially Rescued Draft on 'The Valley of Sons'
Ujjal Nihil


She has been known. She has been. Known they've been to know her. Across her fourth cunt, a stack of leaf blades. Their cocks sputtering on the bonfire. Across her forehead; how could they come if they didn't come. In the sky-sized newspaper, they've attached an audio recording of her payals as they wriggled under a snot of moon. Their beards, their fathers, their sirens surgically implanted above their anuses and connected to the village's twig anuses.


Fact # 34: The dazzle of the enamel tin, the rapture of throbbing water, the sun erecting his blood which must coalesce into hers. In her mouth: a nest, bouquet of glass. In their pockets full of cocks a key to the closet full of cocks, a box of cellphones, The local dust-junkie SP, Old Monk.


Fact # 4 : Despite the order they saw a flicker of her eyes. Despite the order they saw her tracing lines on the bark. Despite the order her father did not drop her off behind the sentry of rocks. So they drove.


Fact # 309: Three Sisters. A century of dung and cool benediction of the paddy. Her notebook, the river. His spittle, their spittle. Her cunt facing the sawed-off hill. Her hair beneath the sawed-off hill. Crude oil hike.


Trivia: What fuels their bonfires? Hint: Have you seen her?


The valley caves in like a heavy clothesline. The minister enters and is served tea near a watering hole. He is served a son and more sons. More sons. More and more sons. He embraces them and signs the document of sons. Their sirens aglow around the valley like a necklace of sons worn by the son.


Trivia: In a _______ where evidently, now listen carefully, its factual vileness surpasses the axis of art and is at the same time prohibited from representation in art; what else, what else? But if art were capable or allowed to 'use' these elements, how would it do so in this _______. What is more difficult than returning a real act into an fictitious one under its obvious gaze; and then doesn't the artist too become......which brings us to the question: from the footage, can the model number of the phone be derived, the height of the pornstar? Hint: behind the bill passed around, dry flecks and sketches of a dusty pubis.


Fact # 77: They saw a raven. A beak. A patch of breast with the nipple still on.


Fact # 864: They saw the sons lined along the precipice demanding the sky blow them. They saw the white ambassador and its convoy drop off cartons of more sons.


Fact # 2532: They saw hundreds of JCBs roll in one night and begin upturning the earth. They saw the sons sniffing at the rags balled with dirt the bales of hair clogging the machines' claws.


Trivia: The sons and their fathers put forward a bill citing the drastic need to study the ______ ratio, their sirens tapping, roaring on the desks. The valley already approved for a series of paintings, visit by a family of charred bollywood stars, cultural fetes, and grand magic show. Hint: the sons, how?



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