Cricket Online Review - Volume IX, No. II
POETRY . . .
Travis Cebula
Licked its tongue into the corners of the evening
Mark Young
The Japanese coffin
dedicated to minimalist footwear
A great storm devastated the fitness instructor
Camille Martin
[an in-]

Colin Dodds
(Spill-O's Careful Days)
(Spill-O's Happy Hour and Beyond)
(Spill-O in the Palace of Eternity)

Tom Hibbard
The Path
John McKernan
The Good Old Days

Jake Sheff
Okay with Obsolescence

Ann Pelletier
An Experiment in Courage
from (dis)(em)biographies

Changming Yuan
Seasonal Stanzas: Spring
Joseph Cooper
a damaged word
standing there with both arms out
Thomas Fink
Dream Pressure
Chi-Chi Almshouse
Home Cooked Diamond 22
John M. Bennett
olvido del mundo
olvido olvidado
olvido corriente
olvido alhogado
Lewis Gesner
O – ooo – eee – rrr – lll – mmm – zzz
J. D. Nelson
smoke a bowl of ants
PROSE . . .
William Southern
Something New
Matt Rowan
Last one in
ETC . . .
Contributors' Notes