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olvido corriente
John M. Bennett


the soup was glue  .tine unravel
,mesa disuelta ,rincón tubér
culo embadurnado por ende ,lo
que drank I ,lumbery down
the sidewalk ,acera aseverante
tus lúmenes surround that
pendejato thrashing on the
stage  .your fog foot re
tracts folded in yr shoes
yr sweat stink ,foamy
biles ,sorta squeally
every paso ,pasos to ,ni
enfocado ,wiped yr butt
with a flag  .the spoon
inmóvil ,cucharón y
cara tus lapbios que
jahabplan ni modo some
thing forested where yr
face once was somet
hing rivered where yr th
roat was ,twisting in
the rain  ;  ;   ;    ;     ;      ;



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