Cricket Online Review - Volume VIII, No. II
POETRY . . .
Spencer Selby
Update Memoir
Diagonal City Block
Blame Fault Mountain
Glenn R. Frantz
Simple Doubt
Travis Cebula & Sarah Suzor
from After the Fox

Mark Young
Asemic colon
After Tertullian

Genevieve Betts
Baby Bump
William Moor
[For all his Allies must obey the lesson of all spending]

Anne Gorrick
I'm a celebrity in a plastic bag
In a Golf Galaxy

Justin Runge
The Second Fall

Raymond Farr
One Tear, Two Tears
John M. Bennett
[my thugless dog Olens caco]
[lean away an glo nod at ,a]
[dog load plummets ,nor my]
[bone loss my gn pet at s]
Orchid Tierney
[whnevr he goes]
Billy Cancel
was taking a walk for pleasure blue notebook
Matthew Johnstone
Episodes, of mouth
PROSE . . .
Deniz Olcay
Wayne Mason
Strung Out on Redemption
Rupan Malakin
Smiling Exercises
ETC . . .
Contributors' Notes