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In a Golf Galaxy
Anne Gorrick


The periodic table or the moon on the ocean floor?
The oblivion on Oregon beaches:
One side oxidized, one side silver
His hand of a symbol or it
Nova Scotia tree movie
Hydangea wine cluster
Can you identify holly in conservatories or vineyards?
Andy Goldsworthy, his oak leaf holes
Absence rests in lyrics, a template for galore
Gold skeleton leaves, sasaki gold leaf
Her sarcophagus sandals traded for salt
A sailfin bracelet and a gramophone in Malta
A sailor moon in Saigon, orientalism is dead
Her name was a hand-me-down
Her lips, ghost cherries, shore weeds
Girls like retrievers or prisms or playwrights
The bell tolls for dummies
She was a sanctuary to conquerors
Charmed and alone, she sleeps by number
What are the symptoms of New York?
She hibernates in weight loss
I tell you I'm not going and I'm out of gum
Can you impersonate Clark Gable or an improvised explosive device?
He is a cartoon of imperialism
Imageshack, trilemma: true or false?
You're a brave little toaster
Thrush market, an air conditioned bible, rubyeyes
A gold threaded dress summary
Cypress, thimble, thong
Is gold the new pink? Mineral theater, next bubble
She is rich with coupons
A leg and foot pop out of the body
Arteries drawn on the outside, vines bursting behind her knees
Butcher's broom and butane and bulbapedia
But for me it was Tuesday, the martinis in meaning
This poem might have an alternate ending
Rainbow blindness without you, see through lyrics
Thoughts of woods and supermarkets
Your words are losing weight for no reason
Ozone funhouse, the galaxytail of a ghetto Eden
Swim in air, swing the mornings around your psychiatric treatment
A garden of collectibles
In the golden age of piracy, how was "pirate" spelled?
Goddamn refrigerator, an analysis of dust and harmony in Cocteau
Light-o-rama, the blinking battery light on evening
On this day, god wants to know why, on 1987, nothing happened
Thistle, this is why you're fat: because the stars won't go out if you slap them
This sadness has no mayonnaise, and this sandwich will never end
This salad is hilarious and is not taxable in PA
Flush, slope tectonics off Louisiana, slave slush Himalayan
The Mondays in our hearts, our souls cough up stars
I haunt the halls of medicine at night, the discography in your dress
Enormous wings, shellpoems of the Galapagos, the names of old ships
What if PayPal delivered the atomic bomb, and the sun got its energy from her?
I'm pretty sure glitter could stop the war, a glint religion
Glassfish, drive through rage, all this pain is greatly appreciated
BTW - This is a would-you-go-out-with-me poem
Go out and make disciples and then make dinner
The blacktop ends and the campfires start, where the shadows edge out the cornfields
Dreams seek verbs, optics, the flannel plains
The axis of awesome, the axial skeleton contains extensionality
Euclidean geometry, maximum entropy
Read the landscape according to probability, a series of well-ordered mistakes
Wandermoon, wanderful, wandering tongue rash
The king of limbs in the key of awesome
Metals panic an alchemist, a field calculates its own mercy
Sequences of shades in shattered sun, a bottle full of distress
Polka Dot Bikini Girl, I swear our veins are infinite
She is raven with thank yous
That light can undergo interference is evidence of brilliance
A store without a name, how to bring light into a basement
That never happened to Jesus
I never felt a wound filled with light
I'm never going to leave this bed
Superunknown, a blue storm searches the book of forgetfulness for its fish
When the sea of iwami is fully clothed
The sea floor is constantly shrinking, foam motel
Fencibles, fever analysis, shredders, anesthesia
Christ's Twitter button, feminist chicks dig me
Me fail English? That's unpossible
Wiles wash over wisdom school
A plague aloft with symbols
You painted yourself in lyrics and parked like a jackass


(after the Oppen poem "Gold on Oak Leaves"–as suggested by Google)



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