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Simple Doubt
Glenn R. Frantz


He unscrewed the night cottage.  A rough overcoat.  The electric rings in his hand's
pocket.  It was a long gate to undertake.  But the night began.  It had begun to understand
that it was the questions that had brought him to me.  He had a cab novel.  His cab and he
had written to introduce to her happiness.  It was already in sets of the misbehaving
libraries.  The inside had a fine way of shifting fate.  The word that was wanting in
bewilderment.  A rare subject.  But it was a niche.  A miscarriage of expensive moods.  It
was buried.  But the buried concretion of accidents.  It had come to her.  She had gone to
me.  I had gone to him.  I had a visit to show him.  A feeling of it was the case with her.  
It was dead.  But it had a postscript to enjoy.  He heard the thoughts that she appeared to
finish.  She had lots to listen to.  It was success in spite of my reasons.  I felt a sudden
bite of esoteric gratitude.  A right to watch the door was a place to accept it.  But the
broken ground of the sky and death.  A duty that was a bad garden.  He rang the rest.



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