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I'm a celebrity in a plastic bag
Anne Gorrick


I'm bored or on a boat
Or, I'm not going to write you a love song and I'm not in a plastic bag
Placebo, without you I'm nothing
I'm not your boyfriend or your skin
Nothing and everything lyrics red
I'm not your burn notice, your toxic holiday
Forgive your enemies because it annoys them so much
You deserve nothing and I hope you get less
I want to do nothing and call it something
What weighs nothing and can be seen?
Town and country, macaroni and cheese, Turks and Caicos
Corks, asparagus, lemons, cancer
Where do reindeer live and can they really fly?
Now that I'm in Madrid, I can think
Do fish have ears and can they hear?
Enzymes are proteins and can therefore be deactivated
All I can think about is getting you home
And can the liver repair itself?
Thunder without lightening is like a prescribed medication
Start a sentence with Neverland
Kiss a neverwinter Pawn Star
Ghost a source volume could not be locked
Chased pavement, buckle up or eat glass, wake up or eat sushi
Pope or Mussolini, make it or break it, funny or die
Embellish events, I love you not knowing why or even from where
Wonder Woman was captured repeatedly by really sad optical poems
The Absence Band is not really sincere
Since I'm not your everything, I've decided to be the air in a Christmas play
Since I'm the best, I walk with extra gestures
Absence tablature
The Absolut Vodka diet and hip hop abs
Absence: the Store for Lovers
Smells that repel mosquitoes, cats that look like Hitler, cows that can jump
Or bees that live in the ground
Jesus is the inspiration for my medical weight loss
Why does the center of an LED light look yellow?
What's the longest name of a lake in Massachusetts?
Lake rumors, trout, boat propellers
I am a dollar sign and you are a number
You are a tourist, a bomb, a bone marrow match
We are a box of crayons, I fall through your clouds
Because I'm the vampire, that's why
Clouded leopard: noctilucent and acrylic
Negative staph in cascade, in duck blood
Can't you see you're fading?
Her bones surf somnolence
Name an activity with a test you must pass before doing
Objects must be smart, borrowed rainbows
Give me an example of an investigative project in chemistry
How did Copernicus explain the retrograde motion of the planets?
Something you wear that starts with an m
She flirts in French with the value of coins

You're killing me with snails
You're my loveprize
This is my favorite highway
Mathmaticious minds make industrial smog
Birds act like definitions
Gestures migrate across continents
A better life, a blue whale, a brief history, a bicultural experience
A bomb brushed red, his trustworthy screaming
Canticle, cantata, Korean gummy bears
I'm a broccoli and I look like a tree
A bridge which may be raised to prevent access
Without warning, with burning will collapse in 17 minutes
A parabolic arch with a flag and a red x
Toothpicks, lovelox, a sluice, a deadly extreme
Falsework, flourish bedding
Flutter flat minor in a flood of paper, floral, fluent
Minor dramatic, a flask containing molecules of gas
Flagella, watch it backwards: your season to be blessed
You're a storm that fell through my life, the sound of animals fighting
In the relationship house, a cloudgarden
Risperdal, risottoteria, fawnball
Runetotem, a rose is a ruined red record
From a radio engine to a photon wing
A radical experiment in empathy
A radio is also a walking man with predictive guts

You're the truth, not I
The Trentonian grass chaste, trillionaire skins
All of the gin joints in the world
Of a river in Italian, in river idiom
The sky is a body of water that
I am old cowhand anteater organizing junkie
An open ended ocean, an obscure signal, an aviary
The rock says "happy birthday" in salt structures
Roasting remedies, welcome in my heart in French
You're a virgin who can't drive
You're a cantaloupe, a cinema cigarette
You're a criminal as long as you're mine
You're a crucial aspect of synchrony
You're a crucifixion narrative, a rune factory
Valiance, teleportation, devastation, winged dominance
Serum enchanted weapons
Razor ice, cinder glacier
Or rather grammar, root words
Yaks or rock crabs? Carving up a giant
Carve the body like a foray
What happens to Caesar after the third offering of the crown?
Romanticism toward the third of May, his charm of the week
She is third eye blind
Intercept the occipital nerve, the fourth heart sound
Sedative hypnotics and dentistry
I'm somewhere where I don't know where I am
I'm something, stupid do me
What's something smart to say about math? Or post on FB? Or say to a girl?
The small orange of your back, ornamental trees grow out of office desks
An insignificant person at a large wedding
Spice gold spitfire, spin dry lettuce or kittens

You're no slogan, you're far from an empire at peace
A valentine bullet, diploid pleadings, cretaceous
Icing teeth, smeared black ink, eyeliner, font smudged
Automatic loveletters smeared on veins
My face was hacked
Is so dry, can't be felt, is so red
Your demon accusers, your fear's font, mango pockets
You're like the AT&T; people, or Santa Clause on Prozac
Sometimes, you're like an invisible phenomenon
Press my "like" button
You're something the lord made to sound like water
Some prefer nettles and preach Christ out of envy
Pre-cooked shrimp, chemical emeralds,
Your computer guy is low on memory
Your cog disguise, cog suit, arpeggiator
Resilience gem, intangible assets
I'm on a boat coming home
I'm made of wax, Larry. What are you made of?
Marigolds burrow in oil, rouge, risotto


(after Lynn Behrendt's poem "I'm Nothing and Can Therefore Never be Locked Up or Even Captured Really"–as suggested by Google)



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