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  The Bricklayer's Arms
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Mark Kanak
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  paunsdorf, the six or the eight 
Friedrich Kerksieck
  Fifteen ways of water: 
Yung Seoul Kim
  Midnight Jade 
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Sundin Richards
  A Rooster In The Garden
  Looting Mary-Celeste 
  Hillbilly Dictionary 
  The Ruination Of My Right Arm   
Jeremy James Thompson
  Febrifuge & Foxtrot 
  PEEPERS (lick the candy mirror) 
  Beloved: Refrain\ you are a reel of film 
  Schmaltz Routines 
  Wearing the antique guile hat 
  Moon Shine (V/T)arnish

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Adam Benforado
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Wes Tilson
  Cycling Mandalas

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J. Mara Goldberg
  Lyn Hejinian, The Fatalist 
Chad Lietz
  Claudia Keelan, The Devotion Field 
J.D. Mitchell
   Stephen Ratcliffe, Portraits & Repetition

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Looting Mary-Celeste
Sundin Richards


I canít wait to collapse
into perfection a gold
formulation of sun on
leaves of the New World
known flimflammery
towers with windows
faster than anything
rasp over the power
lines even birds
please letís remember
the day and the hour
among dirt and diamonds
thereís no seeing where
there is to get to
this thing which is not
a sign
letís have a three
day Triumph with useless
equipment and flashing
canaries and every notic
able slavery
that was the last place
of dogs and bandits
the long wash rubs out
memory known foreign face
a choir invisible blue stars
on a white field
itís not rocket surgery
and the risk factor has  
never been higher


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