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Charles Bernstein
  The Bricklayer's Arms
kari edwards
  from: obedience
David Harrison Horton
  Articles of Favorable Treatment (February 1912)
Mark Kanak
  derating curves 
  support bearing 
  paunsdorf, the six or the eight 
Friedrich Kerksieck
  Fifteen ways of water: 
Yung Seoul Kim
  Midnight Jade 
  On Asian Pears
Sundin Richards
  A Rooster In The Garden
  Looting Mary-Celeste 
  Hillbilly Dictionary 
  The Ruination Of My Right Arm   
Jeremy James Thompson
  Febrifuge & Foxtrot 
  PEEPERS (lick the candy mirror) 
  Beloved: Refrain\ you are a reel of film 
  Schmaltz Routines 
  Wearing the antique guile hat 
  Moon Shine (V/T)arnish

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Adam Benforado
Martha Clarkson
Todd Scott Moffett

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Wes Tilson
  Cycling Mandalas

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J. Mara Goldberg
  Lyn Hejinian, The Fatalist 
Chad Lietz
  Claudia Keelan, The Devotion Field 
J.D. Mitchell
   Stephen Ratcliffe, Portraits & Repetition

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Moon Shine (V/T)arnish
Jeremy James Thompson


Belles ball 1922. All the men (stop) angry with punched
out tophats & semi suckers. She never seems or seems
to mind her man errs. To much punch for the gents
wouldn'''''''''t make nice. Finding a gown he ripped it
off like a spine with reptile business. That went well.
The crowd crowded around to hear every detail. Every
detail is just so much sand in your shoes at the ball.
At the ball. O the ball. Balloon and silk pajamas dear.
A waste is what did the dance with one finger tied lightly.
And wouldn'''''''t sli nenauni s0oi lek 88888 alsk %%
. mistake. Ennui ennui sledge to hammer tophats.



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