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Tho' Thoreau: Throughout a Thorough 

Scott Bentley


Queequeg's proun. Cinquain captain.
Found                                           the surface
the skiff broke. Thus, we lived                           
split spit, spilt coffee
absent the Pequod                                 
on the thoroughfare

                              quoth, quoth Thee.

Thought, extension of thought.  Annul feasts annun-
ciation. The ultimatum a realm ad infinitum.
An American
                                          Farelane after
                                           took flight.                   
fly ball!

                                                          Queequeg's apprehension
near unto death in fore-comprehension a scion
saw his own not
vis--vis primordial

amalgam sun dial. The delicate
fringe that particles

                             made a Nation border fire. Purple scruples propel the power
arousing memory, arose a bouquet.

                                                                        such risk in falling off
                                                                        a wave. Knowing, the hull will hold
                                                                        despite. Search lights. Wednesday's rain
                                                                        unto every house what. Celestial Navigation.

Tower Operators. Neptune, or
Lorelei sirens.


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