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Laurel DeCou


breath through the mouth instead of nostrils inhibition of sound throat thick mint clove eucalyptus stinging recurrence of wakefulness in a bed harder than childhood and shorter than each body clinging to place wonderment of movement under weight of self which is to say gravity caught the feather which floats but these muscles and bones will never be so flippant

voir quelque-chose nouvelle

stomach digests the weight of swallowing or rejects what was chosen requiring the tongue to remember this memory different from the other and neither becomes wrong but the right hand is less sinister without differences between the colors simply the before and after using why is untouched beautiful and when touching it must be lightly to avoid the breaking meaning the young must remain absent

les enfants écoutent

nothing more dangerous than a mother protecting her young so when mothers eat their own what do we do with this becoming a part of the one they were a part of before any parting occurred if a man takes his own life his own arm his own hair what is left is cold seen a rat gnaw its way to freedom a snake coiled with the bulk of a rat in its gut and there is a reason we bury our dead in the ground and plant flowers on the chests that rise now of another's accord

corps pensent nouvellement


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