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     for Michael
Anne Heide


I said what part, this one. Leaves

and still body what more. This more.

Your eye. Let's want this more. Your rinds

let's take them under, skin them over.

Let's stare at these ripe cabbages

the two of us. You take that one down

and I'll take that one in. You grow in the

cabbage field. Because

I see your nose from three rows over.

Little peaks, I'll take you under. Little

pearls I'll take you under. The

two of our noses sticking up from under

each other. Little red nose little green nose.

Will one nose do. Let's bury you before

the gleaners come with hot water. And find

you. Will one eye do especially here

in the field light because we fall when we get too soft.

Will one eye hold us. Because it's not that

long a fall. From this part to this.

Eat this leafy head the globular bunch of

leaves, not the open outer leaves. Let's

grow little cabbages and leafy edges. Just

too soft, enough. Let's hide them under the eggs.


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