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   Volume VI, Issue I

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Joel Chace


is what                                                 more than like

what is                        (likely)                        at the end

raised before                                        climb and swoop

made          in          front          of          what          is          made

of                                  more than on              though first

seen (as) up                                           building (itself)

in vaulted darkness                                beams of light

spread       among       the       barn's       own       highest       beams


necessary more                                than dream

words (as                                                   much) as light

figure                          against shape                  face

before fašade                                      lips' loom

(and) air('s)                            what rain has meant

bodied                   over                   meaning's                   flesh

whoop and wharf                                       hung by

dread                   regret                   solace                   ecstasy



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