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Midnight Jade
Yung Seoul Kim


Non-sequitur living, please—
             has its uses—She noticed he
longed for applause
             in the dinner
             party insight
perfectly candied.                       
neon after-
dinner mint                   
                                       on the mating habits
of ducks—She
             let’s admit it, did
too, longed for the echo.   Lovely
                          longitudes ajut
                          after midnight.  A dark,
this cusp of luxe              amid urgent
That’s all.  Ablaze in his warmed—Hands
interrupt the speed of an amber-toned evening
ambushed.  He takes her upstairs.
                          Glassed walls
are just that. 
                          Glassed once, glassed twice, glassed
gone.  Go
then go—he told her.  About
             his father
             fifteen years earlier
                                        who said this
to his mother.
                                        Go then, go.
He spoke the phrase with great calm and consideration.
Mother’s name was Jade
color of deep
where every year cut
like a gem.  Both shes
remember the son’s precision. 
It dwelled. 
                          The body’s accuracy is what he trusts.
                          He entered
feral and lost
and her eyes open
on his amazed instincts

                                                   at early morning light.


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