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Beloved: Refrain\ you are a reel of film
Jeremy James Thompson


In 1936 Eros directed b&w silent pornographic films.
Staring: sweetheart & I.
{She a redhead brims pubescently}               {Off screen he fastens a brazen phallus}
{Her fingers snapping off his pearls}            {His tuxedo soused with her hot water}
{Miss jabs a tongue inside the knot of his cravat}
                                                {Mister thrusts a diamond deep into her oculus}
{She suspended mends a busted grin}
                                                          {A man of inspiration he whistles & gropes}
{The two sweethearts taste like salt/                hope like injury is thematic}

                    ĎEden is out of the question
                    O Mister Iíll gnaw at your
                    ribs itís just how I feel My
                    Love  your   ass    &    your
                    intellect inflict/ thick wet
                    sickness Darling put your
                    stethoscope to my testicles
                    I am carrying your childí



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