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& Foxtrot
Jeremy James Thompson


Dreary dear really can't you conjure up something a bit more alarming. Darling you
know I can't. But no one's watching my love just put it here here let me help you my-my.

Always quick if you keep it sharp. Bloody prick. No a sewing needle might rust. Well 
I've no explanation you see. Mister meet the girls out back after the show Mr.

Does this hairpin make me daft. Does anyone dare say. A lady with a Q is a Madame on
the make and that's so. Everything here is charming feel free to tear the linen.

My how quite yellow once understanding the tapestry or how to sweetly tote a hand 
holding a hand toting twice one heavy instruction. Superannuate me harold you old dog.

Can we alabaster some memories. Perhaps one might just touch them oh but then we 
might all touch or be just touched with pinch as part of what we do here, here here.

Who is a poor example of this my brother a roman cadet; oriental dear no. Mother a 
chaste opinionater Father a factory crank. People won't stand another patriarch, Joe.

A more unusual topic would be the use of Negro spirituals as a means of communication. 
Do you enjoy the exhibit of statues no there were too many plaster casts didn't you think.

A bit of sickness goes around but reading so (like so) you wouldn't know it no wonder 
we call it a rag-bag conversation the sort of invitation to be or become voice cultured.

Mickey the machinist makes plans with girls with highfalutin high tall hats. Will he be a 
winner or will she call it r(ape) so trite. Don't count out Jack he's one bet better boys.



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