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Cricket Online Review - Volume X, No. II
POETRY . . .
Joan Payne Kincaid
Cosmologically Speaking IV
Mind's Eye
David McAleavey
Sweater Here
Thought-provoking songs
Today a magnolia stump
Changming Yuan
Y: A Parallel Poem

Bobbi Lurie
A Chislehurst Kent
bleeding in my bed heather i thought of you
so righteous

Joseph Milford
morphnacular vi.: anunnaki dysphemism
morphnacular vii.: midlife hypophora
morphnacular viii.: homo sapiens sapiens meiosis
Mark Young
The Soprano Pipistrelle
Leisler's Bat
Meanwhile, in Mosul

Matt Hill
Acclaim will have to wait
Vernacular Hands

Tom Hibbard
Irvin Joe Flight
Tom Snarsky
Didactic poem
The field with one element
Adam Strauss
Work We Do For Hegemony
Glass of Milk With Apparitions
BloodHot Mineral Planet
Lungs Are Grammatical
Christopher Barnes
Cigarette Dealer's Daughter
Be Seeing You
John M. Bennett
over here
William Keckler
A Suite of Poems for James Schuyler (Based on Glidden Paints)
Airy Blues
Lure of Lavendar
Bleated Pinks
Soothing Neutral Hotel
Munchable Greens
PROSE . . .
Alessandro Cusimano
Stephen Moles
A Warning to All Readers Regarding the Insidious Practice of Book Jamming
Joshua Flowers
The Illusion of Loneliness
OTHER . . .
hâle and gökhan turhan
Raga 1 (visual/asemic)
Da Dicemic
Lullaby for Grownups I
Chad Lietz
Royal Road
Marilyn R. Rosenberg
Stand 7
Stand 8a
Nick Romeo
You and Me
philip miletic
an age of silver, an age of new gods 10.1
an age of silver, an age of new gods 13
ETC . . .
Contributors' Notes