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morphnacular viii.: homo sapiens sapiens meiosis
Joseph Milford


cardiac               like a frozen metronome
              cataract             like a tusk in an iceberg
aching swoon after swoon after swoon
              of Linnaeus-lineage    of Loki-kin
a Prometheus-prima donna   prankster in
              the viscera of the schemata
up to civilization all along        cuneiform
              dripping its triangles from your sacrificial
wounds             subliminal in boxes of breakfast
              cereals and action figures with their
conspiracy iconography            call them crazy
              the demi-surge coursing through suburbs
trying to keep the party below cop level
              but dirty bombs and biological whorefare
i'm really not vibing your microcosmos,
              man—sign your sine-curve away
like a melting iceberg     the dose too late



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