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Work We Do For Hegemony
Adam Strauss


Smiles engine empire. Discursive branches are posterior. Breaches occur. Occlusions spew wattage. Deepness tentacles its nounyness to conclude contours are determined by action. Things are not what they are they're what they do. Parts are not their orchestrations unless wrong goes glittering. Glitter constitutes every visage except staring off a cliff at a sea like rusted blades. Where dolphins break through the surface looks like blood from a cut so deep by the time it's visible it's deep blue and the texture of licorice left in the sun for several hours. Continuity often overwhelms looseness and its potential. Floaty circulation can concatenate persuasion. New moods may refuse. Death lies in its wake stage. Death should go away. When it's here the occurrence should be ecologically minded. Ants form an intricate mind as they sate themselves and clean the macadam. Buzzards with eyes towards meat make meadows sweet and impoverished alleys less disgusting. Empire is absent; rather it permeates disguisedly: this place looks so local. This place buzzes; this place shines like a machine at run's peak; it's the super-hard working gizzard of official digests. I am very-very-very impressed. I don't know for how much longer I'd be alive there. Or would I enter driving gears and survive. I bet many of those souls die quickly through their lives. We are all related. It's ok to laugh and call me naïve: sometimes chuckling is what the doctor ordered. How many times has he said that colloquialism than had an appointment at his primary care provider dentist or psychiatrist. How many people in this country think they have doctors. Habit replaces empire and smiles.



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