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from Friend of Mies Van der Rohe
James Belflower


Can 'The Line' become such an I, as 'I' is becoming up until now:

passing assembly belt beneath this:

           "When a bomb will be prepared!"

                                                                       "…Can "The Line…'"

And this phrase passes:

            "Pellets of chemicals arranged around a cardboard pattern produce a colored shape in the 

                                                                       "…is becoming up…"

Or this:
            "When a bomb &, 'tis prepared!'

                                                                       "such an I"

This passes:
            "Globes of barium, arranged round a Bristol board Magen David, burst a luminous 
            kaleidoscopic mist that pullulates across the pregnant firmament!"

"as I is…until now…"

(so) I have written(,) so you will love : 





the factory aims
to express its modern commercial and functional concerns translucently

            without a fine risk that camera can linger thru the glass where those fingers clutching

"object," and then "object" after "object" after "object," "object," "object" and "object" then "object" after "object" after "object" after "object," "object" and "object" then an "object" after "object," "object," "object," "object," "object" "object" and "object" then after "object" after then "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object" "object," and then "object" after "object" after "object," "object," "object" and "object" then "object" after "object" after "object" after "object," "object" and "object" then an "object" after "object," "object," "object," "object," "object" "object" and "object" then after "object" after then "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object," "object…"





…are Mom's.

Mom there's an elementary school nearby,
I romantically pass
To acquaint you with

You've assembled the toys
Of home idyll
Hook and ladder truck, Scuffy

Scuffy, the tugboat,
Petite square Golden Book re-
Read, reread

'Tugboat carried to the impasse'—semiotic past
Wherein Jessica and I must


                                                                                               (here I will not exclaim, 'allow' 
                                                                                               because I always never ever want to 
                                                                                               interject for her)

Dead               bedrock to snag some                 or thee

to cite to you all here anything                        now hearing perpendicular to the garden rows


study to reconfigure
and re-gift
coriander, coriander, coriander, coriander, coriander1

1Dying away into silence for as long as possible (Sempre decrescendo)



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