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   Volume IV, Issue I

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CL Bledsoe


I have no sense of humor. I am all clever pain and      paper
cuts deeper when the words it holds contain      weight

loss is no substitute for pettiness. Feed your neighbors, not your gas     tank
s will squish our bones before we realize who is respons     able

men between fifteen and fifty must join the fight. Everyone else can take the day     off
to the side, you can see ______ marching     by
(insert noun)
the way they hold their hands, you can tell they're _____ (like/not like)      us
e what wits you have; anything to keep them from the tru     th

ink about it as much as you like, you know what's right, and you still don't    (be)     care
ful they don't hear you thinking     they'll put you a    (the)     way

she keeps looking at me makes me think I might be     rich
icing hides sour cake     I think I read that somewhere


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