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Small Beef Patties
Sara Nicholson


As in where the beef juice disappeared.  A mamillopsis cactus.  Or the part of the ocean
that makes beef.  Specifically, to avoid little things, a hatred of little things, an oriental 
love for small beef patties.  There was an analysis, something to do with abundance and 
biscuits.  Turtles, also, were taken away, replaced by seven different kinds of frogs.  And 
trying specifically to avoid self-escape in hamburgers.  The debate over small beef patties 
has lead to a series of death matches across Idaho.  From something lightred that was 
abandoned, the color of dead baby mule.  It's too early in the day to consider meat.  But 
how to understand the small beef patties of the present without a lovely turtle-shaped box 
of shoes.  Or self-hamburgers.  How to begin to understand sea mammals, too.  Meat 
comes and goes.  Beef juice disappears.  Dead baby mule disappears.  Turtles disappear.


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