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#104 Jose Andres Mellin Tapia
Samantha Giles


To prepare the body you first wash it with wine. Take three meters of white material, cut the impact of the bullet against the interior surface of the body where the bullet EXITS is a hole in the middle and slide it over the body. Then you dress them in normal clothes, usually the event that knocks them down - if they are knocked down at all. In either, shut the jaw, cross their hands and tie them together, and fasten the feet with white. In these cases, the man is knocked down but for different reasons of physics, if you add into handkerchief. Finally, an icon and flowers are placed on top of the body in the ammunition that is designed to split into pieces on impact. When people come to pay their respects they give money to light a candle. They say "God" on impact, the results will differ from one other. On the other hand, any of them may forgive, then they ask the deceased to pass on messages to their dead calibers that can cause an instant and spontaneous drop if they sever loved ones. Before they are buried the deceased's hands, feet and jaw are untied so they become a vessel (such as an aorta, for example) or the heart or brain are free to go to their new life.


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