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Christopher Arigo's
first poetry collection Lit interim won the 2001-2002 Transcontinental Poetry Prize (selected by David Bromige). His poetry and poetry reviews have appeared and are forthcoming in numerous journals, including Five Fingers Review, Pleiades, and many others. He is currently the Assistant Editor of Colorado Review.

Forrest Cole has left behind the illuminous desert of Vegas, and is now becoming constructively crazy in the dark desert of Southern Utah. His poems are continuing to be cast into the ether to find their respective homes. He thanks all who imbibe his words.

Jamie Galgana, born in Yokosuka, Japan, has also lived in Oak Harbor, WA and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. As a sophomore at UNLV she studies Print Journalism and has taken classes in Creative Writing. She aspires to expand her talent and knowledge in assorted subjects, poetry included. "Water Cycle" is Jamie's first published poem.

David Krump's poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Blue Fifth Review, Chiron Review, Colorado Review, Red River Review, and Rio: a Journal of the Arts. He has received several awards for poetry; most recently, a writer's residency for winter 2005 from Caldera.

Joanne Kyger's most recent books include As Ever: Selected Poems (Penguin Poets), Again (La Alameda Press), and Strange Big Moon (North Atlantic Press). She lives in Bolinas, CA.

A bilingual teacher of English in an Italian Liceo, Claudio Perinot is the author of one of the only two articles based on first-hand information ever published on Jean Verdenal, TS Eliot's French friend. He would enjoy literature, research, creative writing and soccer, but his free time has long become family time.

Kenneth Pobo's  fiction appears in PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER MAGAZINE, CRAZYQUILT, PROSE TOAD (online), CETERIS PARIBUS (online), ILLINOIS REVIEW, and DICEY BROWN (online). Kenneth gardens, collects obscure records of the late 1960s, and teaches English and Creative Writing at Widener University near Philadelphia.

Han Quek lives in Pullman, Washington.

Stephen Ratcliffe's most recent books are Portraits & Repetition (The Post-Apollo Press) and SOUND/(system) (Green Integer). Listening to Reading, a collection of essays on contemporary poetry and poetics, was published by SUNY Press in 2000. He lives in Bolinas, is publisher of Avenue B books, and teaches at Mills College in Oakland.

Virgil Suárez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1962. Etc., etc., etc.

Wes Tilson, a 52- year-old school teacher of seventh grade language arts in Tampa, turned to Macromedia Flash to present information to students in a more interesting format. These cycling mandalas represent a synthesis combining animating techniques and realization of the cyclic nature of education and the learning experience.



Cricket Online Review Vol. 1, No. 1 January 2005


Joanne Kyger's poems "The Distressed Look", "Rock", "Sunday in the Storm Era", "San Francisco / March Against War on Iraq / January 18, 2003", "'Not In Our Name'" & "Look! new moon" were first published in The Distressed Look, from Coyote Books, 2004.

Cover art by Wesley Tilson


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