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San Francisco
March Against War on Iraq
January 18, 2003

Joanne Kyger


 This anxiously clear temperament
       hides behind
            a tiny edge of history

  It's winter in California
      with a light blonde spring
         attraction of blossom

          One asks the golden ram
                of 2003
                   with its innate opportunism
                        and cautious selfish ways
         What do you see
      in the year to come?

                                          "What do I care
                               about the dreadful karma
                           about to be dispersed
                        through your kids
                  who inherit the blood debt
                of bombing the cradle
                                  of civilization
                   into oblivion"

The Psychopath pretends to care
   his little prune face
      screwed up
            into an approximation
                 of concern
                      gargling his speech writer's
           rhetoric of pre-emption

Oh stop me from going on
        like this when I wanted to give
Homage to the Air
     that lies so still on this day
  and publicly unites
with life's common breathing
                            like rain
                  which can't be owned
        yet is as original as the face
    of the body politic
being born


February 7, 2003


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