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The Distressed Look
Joanne Kyger


         From our 'leaders' - please be
       as frightened as you can in apartment
      buildings, bridges & airports -
                                               But really

            you're on your own,
                   you rattled and oppressed citizens
              of the 'free' world -
berserk jackals of the moment are after you!
  Look carefully at those you know -
                                   corporate crooks!   have fucked

                           with your energy!

   'Freedom'  is    dubiously hyped to a world
against which 'our country' seems to be waging a war!
    Yes,  a war against The World!        which is full of
              creepy crawly evil turrrists.

                  'You'  my government,
                               have made us Totally Unpopular


May 30, 2002


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