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Look! new moon
Joanne Kyger


     And you
           have been born
                into the world
                    for the first time
                                                            a mere puppy!
                                                         don't be startled
                                                    'life' is made up
                                                of feelings
                                       of being at one
                                   with the flea
                               that you are

                                   Look! I'm disarmed --
                           except for my rotten thoughts --

                                  The familiar old joke
                               of the self
                                   turned on
                                      to the moment

                                 "Suddenly, while at the depths
(Zen Master               it struck me like a thunderbolt
   Bankei                     that I had never been born
1622-1693)                 and that my birthlessness
                                   could settle every matter"

                            The birthless buddha mind
                                 waits for life after capitalism
                                              waits for a government
                                                   that survives a president
                                                       we can't afford anymore

                                                     along with his weird god
                                                         and his good sleep --

                     -- "I'm a patient man
                           and your five seconds are up POW!"
                                And the locker room jock
                           retires to his 'Turd Blossom'
                      Karl Rove
                    to get his brain tweaked
                 for the next round

                Leaves one with Ridicule
                  as the least expensive
           weapon around
     towards a 'commander in chief'
 who insists he Must protect us

   O protect us
from this protection
        of war and coalition's aid
             unwilling and overpaid


March 4, 2003


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