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"Not In Our Name"
Joanne Kyger


The biggest rogue stands up and grabs
  and out of fear of losing the spoils
     the coalition joins in

The poor gopher   his back must be broken
  spends all afternoon trying to dig a hole
      with his front paws   to escape into the ground
Should he be killed with a shovel?  or let nature
    'take its course'  By morning it's disappeared

Am I 'in touch' re contemporary life
Should I even Think of the myth of a place
              'conducive to creativity'
                   And still sing 'Don't give up'

The sun starts to lighten
the slightly overcast Pacific sky
   Home    is the center
       of all the routes & paths & detours
   take your time
       you'll get there

'Could you please leave Arafat alone for a while
    as you are distracting 'our' plans for war
       and we don't want anyone to have to hold
two thoughts in their head
     at one time.'

          We need an immediate regime change here
                      can we wait?

                                Rise up  and start Saving!

    Oh hateful yucky Mr. Bush & his Cabinet
of Horrors    Oh Queen Victoria
              come back and teach them
                     the language of diplomacy
                          to improve this painful world
                                  or at least
                             how to subjugate
            with benevolence
     And spare us the images
          of the strutting, posturing, smirking
             'commander in chief'
                  going for broke and then hopefully
                       Going Broke

Snorting in the little grove of plum
the young buck is waiting   for the doe

            It's not lose-lose    for him
                     He doesn't      Have to Win


October 6, 2002


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