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Park Blue
David Welper


Posers in odd positions, planned out "say cheese"
for a camera.

Thighs are a means of transportation, such as a dream is.  Both look meatier, appear more
muscular while dangling from an edge.

Fountain emesis!

Sitting slantedly like those pieces of Jazz for lost lovers, but getting ahead anyway.

A word in edgewise.  Holding his lip as if it actually was
a holiday.  For dear life, cut horizontally.

We are all intense.  It was the hit and run that got us.
Sleezy rainbows.  I make time for them.

A barbeque for the Fire Department.  A lawn sprinkler.

We'll trade nicknames for good measure.  Like the kids playing I.O.U.
So come and get me.

Yesterday my sweetheart fed me pennies to keep me fat, hold me still.
So I stood.  In the park.  Grass between toes.



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