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Vacation In the Maldives
Joan Payne Kincaid


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Before the blizzard it was veal cutlets and sauerkraut at the Irish bar in dark wood Iron Horse
Gibson, soft fields of snow to vanish gusts up to forty.

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magnum opus 3 dimensional versatile representation for beach lovers.

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veneer  perspective times to celebrate all facing the sea mania sanctuary

immured in cute white cabin curtained windows waiting waves fewer women have
access to miscellaneous statistical reality vistas memory slipping martinis.

Vague manic momento translation disbelief  macrocosm small white cottages close
as piano keys all looked at me as if  I were more than enjoying sunset's scientific

evidence  fantasy avalanche montra competition virtuoso that I whisk away in The
Maldives vacant there "I thought I was in a place called some place"

with a view dressed in classic corduroy of a world vulnerable as intransitive verbs  money
matters depressed familiarity.

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action escape cruise bikini lipstick habitats everyone rich mostly.



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