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-- venus anadyomene -- petra tou romiou -- aphrodisia -- forbidden fruit -- that which lives delicately -- karkinos -- ecclesiastes -- ourmia alla pandemos -- cronos and uranus -- shadows on a wall -- recurrence --

it wails sheer over the far horizon line, bloodpink embryo first budding over into the sky. the even sea reflects this solar bloodbath and its azure waves tessellate and pop and crash and glint off circumzenithal rainbows. the surfaceglass sea is shattered and in perpetual shatter, it not only besmudged but besmirched, it as if doused with amniotic fluids emptied from above in a predawn hellshower of christblood reds and sungrove oranges. one spot in the heavens above yet faintly flickers paleblue then cerulean then faintred -- venus, halftwin closest eosphoros. packs of v's flutter amid the high and the deep and they expand and contract their musculature. they are forever caught between the enmeshing spheres. in harmony or dissonance. and at last that ascendant great zero miscarries out from the far and still horizon line and it bursts and screams forth the pure horror of day throughout the empyrean glass-sky.

a zed-round head rises then its hair and limbs and torso also all enbounded by bodylength pearl necklace, rise out from this negative primordial abyss, a figure far and only at sandbar but nevertheless approaching. the figure is itself a smudge w/in the solar egg whose corona crowns the frazzed hair of the figure with its majesty. it is a figure and the figure is a form yet formless. somehow finding itself to this far and long abandoned shore. it falls as it first exeunts and it crawls and then it gathers its seemingly new-hewn limbs and rises into its first true steps and then falls again and the sea foam and shore-waves gather then part their last, the great sea-fallopian aborting cervical secretions and other such postnatal fluids and discarded tissues. the necklace trawls upon the figure's nape. green-like tufts struggle out from the sand and shy away from the megawatt sun -- what lonely plantblooms upon this desert shore. morning glory. glory massing greater and greater. the pearls of the necklace shine like yet nascent worlds but pearls they are not in fact. instead each and every is a fish gleaming and strung thru along a thick fishing line twelve fish in total and some these lower hung drag upon the sands and chafe. gaping but now crushed scallop and clam shells and other such fine minuta and thorns and beached and bleached jellyfish line the sands and white birds circle overhead. these shells and such the figure gathers till they bountifully overflow from cupped hands. it drops them and bunches them together in and with the sand and continues to do so and eventually coronates this mound w/ that wholest of all shells. it then takes this makeshift diadem and crunches it between teeth into grout. dunlin and snowy plover and pelican and the least and greater terns alike waddle aleatorily and scatter the leftover piling. willets arbitrarily longstride towards anywhere, inexoneratably bound and footed to right-angled shadows. the gulls high above heckle these events, those brethren erinyes. the sun and its faint reflector venus are hung above and behind the landscape like paired reproductive organs. the jellyfish returns back into that which spout it, to its deep origins it is recycled. a pearl lays buried deep somewhere within these sands of endless time.

the figure's gentials are agleam as is its ghostpale complexion, translucent like each those strung and gutted fish. eyes like glowred coals inpressed into sockets and thus a countenance borne of fire. the figure in its entirety like the afterglow of orgasm or birth, a bright light shining from the retina. it wanders the shore line. it then crosses past the shore and continues further inland. behind, the afterbirth sun hardbakes the figure's accreted steps into history, history that is soon eroded back into that mercifully broad wash, eroded by the encompassing and enscribed hightide. sea and sun and bifurcating shore-line neither separable nor indivisible, not only in incessant orgy but also infinite mirror to selfsame propagations. glory and mercy umbilically bound.

the vuvlous pink of the solar pearl strengthens and gives color to the scant greenery, cordgrass and bitter panicum that lines and intermixes at its sand boundary. the figure is here collapsed and just beyond is an antiquarian greatrock besmirched with bird liver and smashed and steaming crayfish gills and purewhite bird excrement and twin iron shackles and all this enshrouded by sharp myrtle. this all rejected and serving purpose as natural revetment. the shackles are steaming and rough and open and are inchained into the rock by deeply screwed holes. the boulder's shadow is great and looms and the figure crawls towards it and here lies, spent. it here attempts to outwait the inexhaustible sun. it touches tongue to the smooth rockface dirtied with expunged feces and pauses and then touches tongue again and again while hardgrasping and tugging the myrtle. shit is cray and cray inextricable from shit. there is a breeze discharged from the sea that here carries. a lone dolphin plashes far against the zero-sum horizon line, perhaps a lone shark in its stead.

in the hot and shortening semidarkness the figure's pallor either bronzes or burns but nonetheless fades into opaque flesh spotted and haired like any other man's or woman's and a darker shaded spot further darkens and stretches over the figure's leftside ribs and within this is a holelike gaping stigma bleeding how far depthwards. flesh anodized and reddened alike, form hardened. plasma stops its trickle from all orifices including that of its ribs irregardless of anus or mouth or ears or nostrils et al all clogged. seemingly either confused or surprised at this happenstance the figure plunges fingers past the ombligo and further past the sprout of hair towards the bodycurve and scratches and wipes and tastes succulent what last sweetbalm emitted. the pearl necklace shines. the shade of the gutted rock having collapsed back into its form and disappeared the figure now seeks new shade and casts eyes about. a slimed and leatherskinned racerunner lizard scatters underfoot. figures are inevitably electroplated by the harsh rays of day.

nearby in the pioneer zone a deeprooted and timeworne palm stands like some dessicated scepter and its parted fronds function as its complimentary multi-fold aegis. it provides some scant cover and it emanates forth some mercurial shadow from its spiked and dead trunk and it is circumscribed about by sea oats and other sprouted beach beans. it is a symbol standing still and bristling among the landscape. to this the figure squirms, grasps, grips, hugs, rises, and embraces about, hand in hand. arms entwine like copperheads, and the figure attempts to outlift the palm from its sands. it slumps against the tree in weariness. as if the figure's form temporarily were to fall into the symbol. twin bronzed ratsnakes serpent themselves about the figure and palm upwards. a scrub jay pirouettes away. the figure remains erect and enrapt. high above the energyball nears its apex of both day and season, at furtive culmination for many annums hence and from many preceding. it is solstice, and from this germinates a new age. the stars are invisible and immanent, as are the underlying forces of nature. the light is unbearable. time passes. as the figure gathers its strength about as shroud against the light so too does the light of the beach strengthen and thus so too does the dynamo heart of the figure fire. the snakes helix tightens. more time has passed. the figure's skin is shodden whilst in the shade and the figure is entwined within the snake's coiling and all is brought to edge. three-headed hydra mouths agape and hissing as if in simultaneous orgasm. the light is blinding. the coils tighten and loosen in succession and the figure's wild hug about caduceus eventually slackens and the figure slumps. inherent darkness is again demarcated from unbearable light. the sun and the shade. the figure is again a ghost, a nuclear-burnt ghost passing from form back into the formless.

the figure grabs at the nearby beans. improbably but regardless there is fruit ensconced within the bordering shrubbery. it bears forth gushing red seeds as evidenced in the one already decaying nearby below. this second is the false copy of the full sweetness hung above and this copy is grounded in the wisped saltgrass and it bleeds. some time passes and potentiality is made incarnate in the fullness of the first fruit low-hung above. mystical whether apple or pomegranate or cherry the fruit loosens then wiggles free from branch and falls and bursts concussive red. red splatters across the figure's face and it is as if its eyeholes are gestating blood. the pap is red and warm and sensitive like the figure's twined areolas. it is sweet and the figure is invigorated and enthused. it is as if it is an aphrodisiac, and the figure is borne out from the sweetness by it. what marvel. the figure's fingers again descend towards body v-curve and soon there are spineshudders and feet-twitchings and finger-curlings and other serpentine motionings and some milky membranous fluid laminates the already haemoglobin resplendent abdomen of the figure, in accordance with the dictum to populate the earth with seed. the milk of blood and the blood of milk. fruit of the earth. a third and last rainbow-banded snake oscillates away.

a thought is seen to come into the figure's head bymeans of its darting and swimming eyes, the inner sea of thought seen to be flowing and percolating and crashing within the depths of the ocular. a thought then inevitably hardened into a sound and this sound is aspirated into the air and then is lost within the moisture of day. another directionless emenation. meanwhile the fruit has baked and hardened and is inseperable from its ichor and its constitution is like an impure molasses and it is replete with ceratopogonidae and microscopic critters. it no longer drips away from the figure's face and ear lobes. it has pooled about it's head. the sun is reflected from within this bloodred pool and is likewise reflected from off the figure's bare head and the light is split omnidirectionally off its curvature. touching this warmth with stained fingers the figure feels it as yet soft and squishy. it is this bare cephalus this crown alone that remains unburnt by the savage rays and this that sutures the entire being and enmeshes it within other existence and fromwhich originates the vector that the rest of its life flows.

clouds appear and ensconce the sun as if a labiated clitoris drawn taut and ennerved in the cold. a single improbable swan passes overhead and continues far into the sea. this the figure stands in awe of, as if brethren separated but begot from same egg. a grove of limes is sighted. proceeding towards the grove the figure inpresses sand into silt in step and nears the green limes and crushes a bespeckled seaturtle egg nested underfoot and pauses and then continues. the orbs hung from the trees in merry decoration are sour and untenable with skin like the figure's own and the figure returns to the crushed zygote and extracts it and gnashes broken form from shell between teeth -- dry and tasteless cesarean chick. the shore afar from here appears a neon yellow canvas widebrushed with black smears but the smears themselves terraforming, an action painting in ceaseless motion.

it stumbles back to the palmshade and stumbles and staggers and finally falters underneath it as if sun-drunk. the figure upheaves into the pool of red juice and it ejaculates half-digested contents of the recent time and haemorrhages from fundus more fluid than solid, fibroid than fiber. again the figure shakes as does its body entire from core to pore. as if rent from its perineum an orgasmic daemon miscarried in digestion and seeking escape thru the lower cavities or any and all pores or the figure's ribhole, an episiotomy shaking body entire. the figure lies unconscious in its own expulsions.

engorged in its own wine-dark puddle fountained out of itself the figure comes to and is engorged back into being. it caresses its skin and swirls the thickdripping emulsion. and with crusted nails the figure again inconsumes its own contents -- what little sustenance. nearby sanderlings and sandpipers follow suit.

abutting the lime grove are dunes and beyond that faded greengray scrubshade and towards this the figure starts. somewhere lost within the low dunes and waves of sand it spontaneously upcontracts again what last wisps and vapors and chunks spirited outforth from the esophagus. brow is heavy and sweated. this all is inseminated into a crabhole. then it dry heaves in full body spanning contractions. emptied of vanity, amenorrhea. unfired vessel amidst the endless blaze. the dunes are absent of cover and walls and walkways and errata and other such referents of elselived humanity. cicatriz and blister and abrasion shine in this sea of sand greater reflectant than the infinite bounding waters. every speckle of sand its own roughshod world. farther than the eye can reach and hand grasp and the figure gathers a handful of it and watches it trickle fourfold from between fingers. breathe and breeze alike. the fate of water and sand same. the earth gasps in the wind. upwards and downwards into the soil of the earth. one contiguous spirit. a cancerous ghost crab scuttles out from previously abandoned hole and scatters and propagates into the wild, cracked. this from within the waste of faux desertsand waste wasted. salt of the earth.

these dunes like the former vast shore and same void the sea-sharpened plethora of shells and here finer-silted and more compact sand and all that more rough shorn returned into the bubbling and opaque abyss. lands unpolluted and empty. but nonetheless unbearable in crossing coalhot grounds. the figure has found its way into the alcove of yaupon and sea lavender and lantana and crawls further into a naturally made-shift cave formed by fallen cabbage palms and smooth slit rocks and decaying lumber. just another hovel, this simply another further down the shore. here it assumes itself into the fetal position and looses the day into the next.

mumbling awake it is at last cognizant of its pain and whimpers. finding itself again enveloped in blood though markedly less it attempts to swallow sand but proves no boon and dries and tries other orifices and they are here stuffed and skin more obliterated than exfoliated by the experiment. the sand is both worn and intrinsically wears away all. pigmentation ground away and outwards flush receding inwards. palmetto bugs squirm and disappear. it whiffs close its browned and yellowed and blackened expulsions. it continues in its bacchanal play in this sand more dirt. a last cute beachmouse skitters and flickers cracked stoneplate eyes and this the figure spots and grabs and marrowcrushes between nailbiting fist and stuffs gutwards gristle inextricable from whitebone of tooth. both alike bleeds. as if an infant inherently inextricable forever from its own afterbirth and destiny and almost stillbirthed in stead. one could only wish.

its bleeding stills as does its spirit and the figure is stoic in body but formless in mind. it imagedreams all of time embodied and inscrewed into a single hoary purple-grayed star consisting of ice shards and shattered moons particled into concentric rings about its equator, this star held above within a massive light-fading void and this same cold supergiant crashes into a babyblue gaseous other as if in some deeper and inherent symbiosis and both are decimated in collision and sundered and neutered and crumble into dust and anitmatter, and the dust crumbles off into absolutezero space and bypasses allconsuming blackholes and nascent singularities and dying dwarfs, and the sedimenta float for long eons and eventually these mutant pieces of dust survive penetration through the atmosphere of a purewaterblue planet far from its nostos and here settles and is washed over and scattered by azul tidal waves as this newworld's waters slowly turn into the encroaching dark, the shadow of darkness slowly enwrapping this world and its waters in a caul and veil of blackness, vestments indicative of the figure that bears the scythe, and this world is an endless turning graveyard, and the figure here pauses in daydream no able longer to continue further into the darkness. the figure is interrupted by the exceeding throbbing in the left foot and it is already swollen and purple and black. the figure halfthinks and it ejects some phoneme uninterpretable and inarticulate, instantly lost to the breeze. it continues to do so, barking sapphic obscenities enraged. the day has erstwhile continued in its inevitable gyre. same sun in same place.

emerging from makeshift hole and stony sleep it feels the exuberant energy of the sun and feels its emptiness in the pit of the pit of its stomach but knows it must continue. towards what and where regardless. it gazes back towards from where it preceeded and a heavy thick blue line is yet barely visible beyond the blur of the heat and the infinite dotted pointillist periods. the horizonline itself reflective of countless other lines that are endemic and foreshadow the figure's inherent later fate.

into the transgressed hole it backpeers and sees little but hotred shadows, brighter emanations from the outside world blurring that little inside. an endometrium filled with remnants of blood and gore that seemingly leaks out, filled with abstractions less realer than those outside. the figure extracted out from that which it propagates with creations and it now leaves. some lone flower bleeds out of the alcove, demarcating firmly into time the earth's rhythms and cycles from those dissonant.

the figure has left. the leftover husk of encrusted bodily fluids is cemented concrete by the heat. the figure blinks its gaze as blank and pitiless as the sun. byshadows extending downwards from on high flit and glide, indignant shadow-spirits marionetting from loftborne migratory fowl. clouds cover substantial portions of the earth. a sole blackskimmer circles in spiral, refracted in many black cloudings. farther above a rainbow spans the firmament. the figure then proceeds. from here towards where. now unto infinity. eternal migrant. the blackskimmer follows.

-- king and waste -- that which slouches towards -- janus --

some ominous black figure in the sky wavers and hovers above the earth. with a gait slightly deformed and hunched but nonetheless spectacular the figure hobbles beneath. thru contorted red bays and fallen scant pines and yet deeper oaks decaying and unprotected from the inevitable spray of salt it proceeded out from the forest zone onto a gray plain. one foot drags behind the other, curiously bent and shapen and formed and now pus-ridden and blistered as well. greenery now covers the reds and browns and pinks of its skin and the hole in its rib and burs are entwined in its hair, poorly shod armor to fend off the day. its knees clink and is part the reason for its hobbleslouching. it is emaciated and wasted if not more so than the dry and wanton earth it treads upon. twelve rotten fish ring its neck. thru thistle and thorn and rose and bush alike all in permanent decomposition. the black bird above flies offwards towards some other nether in its interminable and infinite cyclings bearing not apocalypse but some small shift in the greater tides.

the sun has long cried forth the day in a magnanimous vomit of colour and its rainbow slowly dissipating seems to bend in its serving. the figure's pace slackens, its heart lessening both in pulse and rate. it collapses. heart string strung taut. the figure bleeds from between the ribs.

after coming to it recognizes that it has reached a long stretch of black hotness stretching to infinity biways. one vector of it reaches back towards that which was and the other to that which isn't. glancing back and forth in indecision the figure appears as if twin faced, blinking between one mask tragic and the other comic in no discernable ordering. the sun glitters and dust sparkles in repletion, more saturate than air. their is a flash and a gathering noise and it roars and grows and screams and fades and again flashes, windowglaze twice flickering the sun's merciless gaze. the figure follows the car in same vector.



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