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16 Surprising Tips To Remain At Home In A Peculiar Life
Glenn R. Frantz


1. Use an easy-to-use something.

2. Buy a no-brainer.

3. You should do something bold with adventure.
Use this biodegradable trail-marking cookie.

4. Try tracing.
Repetitive videos are swathed in strict instructions, and you know it.
But try not minding.
At least some people seek you out who barely knew your point.

5. You put the easy in with a jug of habit.

6. Waiting for a battery-powered first-aid candle
in a fried truffle sandpit.

7. Hiking is overrated.  Paint banana windows.

8. Use the rule of being.

9. Anxiety will keep mosquitoes away.
It makes you your own nutritionist.

10. Approve the same people who wouldn't question the day
to remember that you've spoiled months.

11. Unless you're even farther from their eyes,
sometimes you can detect the sonic wishes they give you.

12. It's like they're dripping with water from the cunning loch
and we are only into nooks and fountain-jets.

13. You have an instant activity.
You become a hand-washing faucet.

14. Have the forget of your life.

15. Remember, why is optional.

16. You've put enough time into meticulously constructing a problem.



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