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Geo-Political Machinations
Joan Payne Kincaid


Get in the swim scroll-down  pop-up restaurant alliances better tired than bored.  There had been
some apprehension about  global development  buds in white

crystals  the food  place settings drop down menu send your compliments to the chef  some
people were on –the-run  from the arbitration panel  in mellifluous

five inch platform high heals  some poor things running to be hunted  chassed by bankers in furry
coats spring breakfast in the oven

echo's of remembered addresses  gemutlich  in an abandoned office space  but still it snows
mais oui c'est vraiment peut etre you can hear the loud sadness of Judy Garland

toward the climax of an old TV show mystery cartoon stuck here like a silver balloon.
They were not interested in specific hedge funds in need of tweaks lingering over late

lobster under  maximum security dusting-on eye shadow for profit-driven behavior
website of trite observations and skimpy innuendo.

there's always maybe now maybe later a lot of Irish songs people haven't heard
but always something someone melting into summer securities either fair or unfair  

divide and conquer personal promise creative  crazed  everyone was a stranger
alarms camera-action  call the President gulls presenting themselves for bread  SAT

scores sneakers, the snow is losing its sculpted self and daffodils replace the space up in
the pine start by (you can plane crash so vulnerable so trusting grass she was style

geo-politics on the rise break the door down arbitration or you can shut up  alone Being Here
she wrote snow speak last  your  now blank sky let's  languish oh come

away with me and wear your black beret me boys gracious gulls under a blue green spring sky
blue  hegemony unconventional artichokes ja ich bin ein  American 'l'

if you choose to be unaware  passive mirror motivate  didn't want her that pioneer
it's too late for how to succeed or rare commodities crimp my style

communication party passage a natural fit  inner being no one went to
as if on on the run. deliberate tape delay manipulation.



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