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The Lie We Confront
Raymond Farr


& by story it is meant—
We are weeping like men

In little girl masks
& knocking out Time's teeth

On a baby grand piano
We dreamed we heard a sensible tale

That we staged it at midnight
That we are always seven minutes

Later than usual
& running behind

& so we pause
& a lightning bolt hits us

& countries not faces
Get hawked by condolences

But all we remember is
A fire caught fire in one little chair

& one was the Bronx
A blue cow, sd someone in church

We are trapped like rats
In the limelight at the Bay House Theater

& a poem, we insist
Must always insist on itself

This is the lie we confront
In the back of our Saab

We never relent though
Or we relent very little!



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