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Periods 61-72
Joel Chace


.  Infected people were made to yell in the streets.

.  After his wife moved out, he went back to sleeping on top of his baby grand.


.  We must try to explain why the world of today, which is horrible, is only a moment in a long development.

.  Bugle's line of small, cold notes.


.  All my own stuff is dead now, I guess.

.  Dancing in carved stone relief, those two beasts give, each to each, profiled, toothy grins.


.  His health and well-being are entirely dependent on the caul.

.  Doodle, Doodle, your house burned down.


.  The slowness of life, and the violence of hope.

.  She strove mightily to warm and to divide evenly all its contents.


.  "Tu n'est pas du tout romantique," she told him, once, and from that moment he refused to be sentimental about anything.

.  Already forgotten, that earlier slight tingling and air that growled like hunger.


.  Unfortunately, it is silent on methods of reassembly, and the essential chapter revealing to us what we truly seek—the internal workings of the Earth Machine—remains missing.

.  A riff, by any other name.


.  Which of the six horizons did she mean?

.  He denied an appeal to cartographic expression as stoutly as he denied the proposition that all things printed in words belong to the field of literature.


.  Rather, something that can be perceived only by movement through corridors, thresholds, and circumambulatory passages.

.  In new epics, something different happens to the maids.


.  He sheepishly revealed the origin of unimportant matter.

.  This assumption suggests that a line, a date, divides the present from the past, thus a severing of our ties with the immediate past, considered insignificant when compared with an older period.


.  Material and symbolic bound together are evidenced in a landscape that does not necessarily correspond to physical boundaries.

.  It is not synonymous merely with relief.


.  This latter reality is not easily admitted by the use of terms such as "timelessness" and "equilibrium," and this has caused considerable confusion and has led to needless posturing.

.  What a poor thing to be brief and simple.



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