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Jane Lewty

VOLMET tells who is         who transmits from what origin who uses number stations
who is the morse or voice, in whip antennae linepass
anonymous recipient who are you I speak to does it matter
what is it the word Attention then a bell or gong shotwave numbers
your pattern of 'iotas' each phrase has an equal number of these iotas
they are binary to make matters worse    an automated voice
come here
a brief once
uttering 2 times
the repeat

tells you to land—as aircraft or—in the upper sideband or—to

divide the planet up in volmet, in a hangland, in modulations:
double-sideline suppressed
double-sideline reduced AM QAM quadrature amplified and

O       Ohm (practical unit of electrical resistance) SIGMET (significant
meteorological information) large hail, dust, sand, so much sand
                     laboratory sand
in the sky




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