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Chants for Type: Skull-Cap Donner at Center-One Mall
Ranjani Murali

"if you want friendly mouth for that also you need money."
     —Reader Amrit Patel on comment board, Feb. 14, 2011,

(Repeat after me:)

Mouth has slick pools.

(Now repeat:)

Mouth has silk spools.

(Now I won't remind you, you do it.)

Mother has silk mouth. Feed milk sugar bride. Honey veil silk oh.

(Very good. Applause ensues.)

Feed mother, silk money, milk money mouth money.

(Faint sound of electric train siren grating on wet autorickshaw mudflaps.)

Slick bride, sugar money find feed, veil silk, milk spill.

(Exposed armpits, hair slick along eustachian sweat-curves.)

Bride mother be find sweet silk. Sugar mother.

(Unknown audience member quotes film: "I have ma what have you," snaps fingers.)

Sugar mouth mother mouth oh money mouth silk mouth mouth mouth bride mouth.

(Hyundai Accent, plum red, automatic locks, spins on the podium, a buzz ensues. Buzz.)

Oh, sugar sugar veil. Money find feed honey mother money.

(Checkered flag mounted on coffee-shop banner titled "Drink a Date with Aamir.")

(I'll help you sharpen polished little finger on cutlery if you keep going.)

(Pigeon flies in, lands on glass face of centerpiece eagle-beak.)

Mouth be bride?

(Trains leave every half-an-hour, relieving you of exposed car-flaps).



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