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smeared in 3-d
Billy Cancel

smeared in 3-d   from recent escape   tempo.   rain shrub   blue mustard   
reasons i came.   was desert setting determined runner   fixed object.   full
of mould gathering moss   around abandoned ship.   upon the road   a false
knight   i met.   black gate red grass biting grey underscore.   lit dry ice   
stayed   at entry level.   from the chorus   in flames back   to the bathroom
calendar   with my apex   short of tide line   & still the start in view.   even
in swamphood   contenders there are   traditional hunting songs   you hear
them on the tapeworm   each dancing component   has a ghost dance patron   
the sexy retrograde   a parasite overlap   house of consequence hornet's nest
remix   went bash went flat win downgraded   your life will change   this film



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