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Row Under Rivers


De battle ling of tapping heavy vibro landy body we are dark heavy remote. A part of the museum is runaway sending power.

By now the shape of heaviness plunged for breath they eat down the tapping top of the switch under shot of haze.

And perturbance man in the doorway you know to stand across the aisle from gift right heritage. Bother you know the right words slam to hurt and chunk of table. Removed from reality people face no new concerns only take in transit of polite heaven ------ no mind or matter in usage. They bother to stand the dram on end.

The dog of Bantu sunhouse is bathing for a night. Left from the night before is a giant urn of water is would dispel everything by numerous taste. You can't own up to knowing or for the dance of bright intra speculation. No dagger susceptible plunge mark is wont, location for vag.

Complete daytime wondering will day of glow and purpose to detain the bomp guss will underlay the certainty ------ museum in a bottle and the cork is plunged in the startled neck or the belly of the bottle is gas floating and waves of tiny colors appearing out of lines and fractions -----

Too many noble doves have lifted the roof off the operation, the banister to the stairs winds high enough to circle out of sight. The tapping under finish is a story we bend and flipper the decent. Bent over in the fashion of the guitar the old man finished his decay. And this leads us further into the nomadacy future, small obstacles fled from the graven pathhold ------ any worry has worked beneath the speech and conversation in the avant garde country ----- optical knowing will take the form of construction making things to produce energy ----- the obelisk to drive the space transport moveable space, transference to depend on touch or vehicle of suppression. One two hold upto the light a turned out document or a suitcase full of writing. Any old man in his piss wrecked room writing for years in the ancient, the museum stands built in our front yard & the neighbors have abandoned their houses & fled for near cities. Retired from art he said to me before YOU lose the shaking & venture of spiriti that bottles your gelatin world. I looked at him he shouldn't stand so close to me when he says that, my world you know.    Private or I speak as lenient boy always harmed or never understood why they are ranting my world.

Muddy eyes. World vision pro teaming bodies are the league of mental distaste, the dogs are eating from the table, chew bone & lick their bodies hollow & I am beating for difference. What you see. Down decent reminders are walking hence & amid the dog they rip & shuttle toward gaining speed gaining mention & behavior in spheres of the automatic world learnings. I am told that there is no comparison with many of the subtle species that we have yet to experience, & in fact don't know where the patience of mind had bandied the restless body.

Look at it tomorrow lying in virtual cold sun.

To be told what to hear, she sidled up next man's body & gave him the lonely job of hurtling crest & leaning against the sinking museum. I trust the that patients have left collaboration, what are they chiming about & who do they acquire skills from, gong of simple actions, manner, manner that I am toasting this occasion all along.


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