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  Poems for Burning Down Black Ark
Jennifer Dearinger
  the cup having not been washed of the rifle under the bed
  indian head nickels
  crystal serving plate
  wrapped in the sheets
  dirtied knees from somewhere
  unscattered ashes
  JOSEPHY BEUYS, the day gurdjieff died
  Row Under Rivers
  Avant Garde Country of Contemporary Art
Jeffrey Schrader
  Ships in Bottles
  Deconstruction of V
  From “Pittsburgh Notes”
Noah Eli Gordon
  from Jaywalking the Is
David Applegate
  [A silent]
  [I don't know]
  [You juggled]
  [Our sky]
Lynn Strongin
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Amy King
  Leisurama Porn Couples Dance
  How To Make a Painting
Bill Stobb
  Poem for an American Barbeque
  I Truly Believe Bill Gates is a Good Person
Jason Fraley
Friedrich Kerksieck & Aaron James McNally
M. Mara-Ann
  A Running Horse Veiled
J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden
  (on air late sunday evening)
  (the women, an intercepted letter)
  (to us)
  (fatwa ii)
Lizzie Brock
  Work that Body
Jacob Eichert
  Untitled (film/dvd)

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Powell Burke
Michael Chacko Daniels
  Touch me? Vaya Con Dios inbound on the 22 Fillmore!
Sandra Hunter
  Take It Away
Paul Kavanagh
Paul Silverman
  Letter To B

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Poems for Burning Down Black Ark
Christopher Eaton



man versus his environment  its a close one

                             one dog                                field

            one                  dog                 hobbles                           across the field
     i mean the field of things

                            inasfar as patterns              against a scene                  offers

          offerings         the least bit of resistance is camouflage for one

                                                                                                   one edge

                      one                           howling                            on the edge of the periphery

             dread vampyr versus bandito         its a close one

                                                                         won quick

             one                      quick                                     eye           hobbles

                     in suck/session          i see mexican wrestlers                  one close up


                                              dixiecup  winecarnes lines the footpath

                                                                 hand would crack in its grip

                       bomaye                  a shruggingly tectonic uptown

                                                              "you wine man       i know wine man"

                                     offers rot

                             my friends call me 'mister bye-bye dub'


                     one                 dog                climb                tree

      the letter begins to blur                try,    try harder
                                                                (visualize this blackness beneath feet)

              "crippled in triplicate"     ex ex ex                  try harder


                                        see lassie:                         one dog?

                                                              bark                                     bark
                                                                                                                        b ark


                                   appropriate letter array
                                                                    tet :: offensive

   before   created the extended form                a "dwelling part"

                root             din             judgment


fife and drum                             submissive to the bugle core no doubt

                                                                       fever,    (def.):
                                                                                                      some tender blossom
                                                                                                       reiterates cleveland
                                                                                                       soundproofing, a spatial

     melodica now

                                                                                                                       fifth removed

   jaundice bridged out                             still bad jokes in teeth  though

to use the phrase "blackboard jungle" with no irony is a mean business

           five or dimebag                                                    no less a fiefdom


            the lawn is mushrooms manifest        sinks deep the balls of feet

                                         cogent           cotillion [?]  cottonmouth[?]

             dreams the hexeities

                         to and fro make sick                 and hammers away
  the raindrops between words   phoneme stasis             it stokes glass curds

             i know i know i know   infinite regression                nothing

                        "fffffffffffff"          piyut

                                                                      no time for substrate i,
                                                                                        no time for substrate


only a recluse     tiny cottage     this is what it says:   days       weeks    sabbaticals

       seas   years  universes       rivers   cycles      earths    deserts  firmaments

                                    jubilee                                                    beloveds

        more important mouths             absence                  parallel          angels limit

            permutations          complete division                     only an upsetter

                                          thud of their naked feet                    nullities      itch  pins

                     managed to raise the heavy shutter       ascent of smoke

  defects         literally bound to medicine   rennet bag    gesticulate from the tongue up:

                    the first ark is orchid                   the last is glock and rembetika


ate some kind of cream at the edge of headlights
                                                           dope animals moved                     where the drums?

           clip against halation stands skyscrapers

  in halfassed                                                                              motif hidden in wallpaper
                                                            opposition to the bwana

                                               she found a covered recess filled with burnt molasses                                    (production of course halted)

                                                                       vomiting onscreen   thrown up looped

      taking it with him out the window         spies from other studios listen

                       the "soul revolution"    london handcuffed.


this fits a strychnine mold                              arcing intuit at least

know, germ.


//   Advance   //