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Friedrich Kerksieck & Aaron James McNally


"There are no odds to beat, no rules to set a limit
on bad luck." -Paul Auster

I am not making anything of anyone,
if anything I am unmaking. Trading
facts for ambiguous clouds. Dates of
births & deaths for rumors of arrivals
in the mist with different names
& the wakes of murder stains.
If anything, anyone is anyone, the making
& unmaking is as undistinguishable
as one cup of well water from the next.
Cadavers will float as well as the living,
face up or face down, & guns will
always drown in your lyric blood.

* * *

Poetryless, you would like nothing.
After 20 years, you have harbored nothing.

Past 72 jobs you have nothing.

A teenager's blood is nothing.

100 postcards signify nothing.

You are a? You are wondering nothing.





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