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Sarah Trott
Christopher Eaton
  Poems for Burning Down Black Ark
Jennifer Dearinger
  the cup having not been washed of the rifle under the bed
  indian head nickels
  crystal serving plate
  wrapped in the sheets
  dirtied knees from somewhere
  unscattered ashes
  JOSEPHY BEUYS, the day gurdjieff died
  Row Under Rivers
  Avant Garde Country of Contemporary Art
Jeffrey Schrader
  Ships in Bottles
  Deconstruction of V
  From “Pittsburgh Notes”
Noah Eli Gordon
  from Jaywalking the Is
David Applegate
  [A silent]
  [I don't know]
  [You juggled]
  [Our sky]
Lynn Strongin
  MOVED TO. . .
Amy King
  Leisurama Porn Couples Dance
  How To Make a Painting
Bill Stobb
  Poem for an American Barbeque
  I Truly Believe Bill Gates is a Good Person
Jason Fraley
Friedrich Kerksieck & Aaron James McNally
M. Mara-Ann
  A Running Horse Veiled
J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden
  (on air late sunday evening)
  (the women, an intercepted letter)
  (to us)
  (fatwa ii)
Lizzie Brock
  Work that Body
Jacob Eichert
  Untitled (film/dvd)

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Powell Burke
Michael Chacko Daniels
  Touch me? Vaya Con Dios inbound on the 22 Fillmore!
Sandra Hunter
  Take It Away
Paul Kavanagh
Paul Silverman
  Letter To B

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  Contributor's Notes

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  Volume I, Issue I
  Volume I, Issue II
  Volume II, Issue I


is a longtime DIY cultural anarchist & the creator of an infoplex worth of visual-verbal lit, audio-art, performance ritual & hypermedia for the Macintosh, all distributed by Xexoxial Editions. His hypermedia works reside at JOGLARS Crossmedia Broadcast (http://www.joglars.org). Recent work has focused on activiating online collaborative workspaces where writers & media artists can create collective digital works in a real-time environment. Since 1991, he has made his home at Dreamtime Village (http://www.dreamtimevillage.org), a hypermedia/permaculture village project, located in the driftless bioregion of southwestern Wisconsin. And devotes much time to creating edible wilderness indoors & out, growing such things as figs, citrus, cherries, grapes & chestnuts. 1998 marked the creation of THE DRIFTLESS GROTTO OF WEST LIMA (http://www.dreamtimevillage.org/grotto), a permanent public grotto/park/installation which when finished will feature a bird-operated time machine in a 25-ft blue glass tower.

David Applegate is currently a library clerk living in Brooklyn, NY. A two-poet chapbook of his work "Headless, nameless / Death hippie dub EP," split with Christopher Eaton will be available from Bad Noises Productions (www.badnoiseproductions.com) in the very near future. A second work, "Grammar Crisis," is forthcoming from the same in late 2006.

Lizzie Brock has spent much of her working life in human rights, but is about to get her MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College. After 3.5 years in Colombia, South America, she is about to publish a chapter in a book put out by the United Nations University on Humanitarian Diplomacy entitled "Protection through Diplomacy in Colombia." Currently, however, she writes short stories about women who turn into seals and leprechauns who sell orgasms at exorbitant prices - and these poems.

Powell Burke is a full-time university student at New College of Florida in Sarasota, working toward a liberal arts concentration in sociology. In October, Burke's short short story "Blue Fairy" published in Eclectica Magazine (online).

San Franciscan Michael Chacko Daniels grew up in Bombay. Books: Split in Two (1971, 2004), Anything Out of Place Is Dirt (1971, 2004), and That Damn Romantic Fool (1972, 2005); Writers Workshop, Kolkata. A former community worker and clown, Daniels has a master’s in journalism from Northwestern University. In June 2005, his story, Sing an Indian Name was published by Syntax, and in Feb. 2006, Dragonfire published Three Dozen Mangoes for Mr. Diefenbaker. Read all about his Indian and American journey @ http://indiawritingstation.com/community-service-calls/

Jennifer Dearinger revels in red lipstick, tricycles, and her French press. She owns dozens of pairs of black socks of various patterns and, according to her landlord, has poor fire escape etiquette. She is currently an intern for Small Press Distribution and an MFA Candidate at Mills College.

Christopher Eaton is currently working on his graduate degree at the University of Buffalo's Poetics program. His work has been published in Moria, can we have our ball back?, Nitrogen Brat Rag and by Marymark Press.

Jacob Eichert had a nice day today. He lives in Oakland, California.

Jason Fraley works at an investment firm in West Virginia and is pursuing his M.B.A.  His wife and cat see him occasionally.  He has appeared or is forthcoming in Forklift, Ohio, Redactions, Confluence, Pebble Lake Review, Stirring, The Salt Review, and elsewhere.

Noah Eli Gordon is the author of two full-length collections: The Frequencies; The Area of Sound Called the Subtone; and three forthcoming collections: Novel Pictorial Noise (selected by John Ashbery for the 2006 National Poetry Series), Inbox, and A Fiddle Pulled From the Throat of a Sparrow. Find his page of links here: http://humanverb.blogspot.com/

Sandra Hunter's short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in New York Stories, New Delta Review, Zyzzyva, Talking River Review, Glimmer Train, and South Dakota Review, among others.

paul kavanagh was born in England 1971. he is happy. his wife is happy. together they are happy.

Friedrich Kerksieck and Aaron James McNally both hail from Iowa, where each of them grew up and attended the University of Northern Iowa. Each are now earning graduate degrees: FK an MFA in Poetry at the University of Alabama and AM an MA in English Literature at UNI.  Their postcard discourses have been recently featured in UDP’s 6x6 and Effing Magazine, and both have work forthcoming from Octopus Magazine and Pilot Books and Magazine.

Amy King is the author of the poetry collection, Antidotes for an Alibi (Blazvox Books 2005), a Lambda Book Award finalist, and the chapbook, The People Instruments (Pavement Saw Press Chapbook Award 2002). She currently teaches Creative Writing and English at Nassau Community College as well as a workshop of her own design, Making the Urban Poetic, at Poets House in Manhattan. Amy is an interview correspondent for miPOradio and the managing editor for MiPOesias. Please visit www.amyking.org for more.

M. Mara-Ann is a writer, performer, and San Francisco based genre crosser. Recent work includes the books lighthouse (Atelos 2002) and forthcoming: ecnelis (a+bend press 2000), vocal performance on CDs Luminous (atmoworks 2006) with ambientPortal(Mykl Neufeld) and Water Rights (2000) with composer Sean Abreu, mixed media collage TWO falling standing (Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center 2006), San Francisco area shows of her movietelling piece The Beginning Return (2006) and live improvised voice performance with UPPTEKA (four vocalists and a DJ). When not contemplating the nature of emptiness, Mara can be found carefully labeling small containers of dirt collected from across the globe while adamantly refusing to alphabetize her literature or music collections.

J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden lives in Oakland, Ca.

Jeffrey Schrader's hair started thinning at the age of 18. He realized then that he would need to either develop an interesting personality or wear an interesting hat. You will rarely find him hatless.

Paul Silverman has worked as a newspaper reporter, sandwich man, olive packer and advertising creative director. One of his commercials won a Silver Lion at Cannes. His stories have appeared in Tampa Review, The South Dakota Review, The North Atlantic Review, Word Riot, In Posse Review, The Pedestal Magazine, The Timber Creek Review, The Front Range Review, The Jabberwock Review, Jewish Currents, The Coe Review, Hobart Online, Amarillo Bay, The Adirondack Review, The Paumanok Review, Smokelong Quarterly, Subterranean Quarterly, Thieves Jargon, Lily, The Summerset Review, and others. His piece, “Getaway,” published by Verbsap, is on the Million Writers Award list of Notable Online Stories of 2005. Byline Magazine and The Worcester Review have nominated his stories to the Pushcart Committee. New work was recently accepted by Oyster Boy Review and Alimentum.

William Stobb lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where he teaches writing classes at Viterbo University and co-curates, with David Krump, the monthly reading series at The Pump House Regional Arts Center. His first full-length collection Nervous Systems is a 2006 National Poetry Series selection, and is forthcoming from Penguin.

Lynn Strongin was born (1939) NYC, grew up in Manhattan and its environs. Early studies in musical composition led to writing poetry. Worked for Denise Levertov briefly in the Sixties in Berkeley. Twelve published books, including the just-published anthology The Sorrow Psalms, University of Iowa Press. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, 2005, fiction in "The Dublin Quarterly" forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, New Works Review. She has made British Columbia, Canada, her home for the past quarter century.

Wes Tilson, a 52- year-old school teacher of seventh grade language arts in Tampa, turned to Macromedia Flash to present information to students in a more interesting format. These cycling mandalas represent a synthesis combining animating techniques and realization of the cyclic nature of education and the learning experience. 

Sarah Trott has been thinking and writing about land development. Her poems and essays can be found in Shampoo, There, Watchword and other journals. She teaches high school.