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I Truly Believe Bill Gates is a Good Person
Bill Stobb


What are you doing Friday night?
Wanna come over and link a
dirty Bill Gates cartoon to a virus file?

Nothing you or I say
will affect Bill Gates.
Say Bill Gates is ugly.
Say Bill Gates is king.  See?
It's really wonderful how certain
kinds of creativity have no
actual consequences.

By at least one objective measure
Bill Gates is the best person ever.

One Bill-Gates-based political system
would be to use military force
against Bill Gates
redistribute his assets
and create world peace.

Sticks and stones may break Bill Gates's bones
but Bill Gates supports free speech.

I truly believe Bill Gates is a good person.
I wonder: if we worshipped him a little
would he save us more?
Right click to save Bill Gates
roller mouse stigmata file.
Right click to save Bill Gates's
penis to your online reliquary.
Right click to make Bill Gates's
peaceful countenance swirling in
the Pope's hot cocoa your wallpaper.

As a Lutheran
I don't subscribe to the angry Bill Gates.
If Bill Gates read this poem
a gentle smile would cross his face
like a sunbeam.  Let's try
holding hands.  Let's believe
as hard as we can
and see if Bill Gates will appear.


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